The diary about the earthquake.

March 15, 2011

I'm at Internet cafe. My family including cats and laggage did't get dameged. When the earthquake happend, I was in Tokyo. My sister lives near the place where I was, so I had walked to and stayed her house. Azabujuban has old high buildings with sharrow streets. What's more, I went there for the first time and I felt really horrible. I really realized how important family are! I really thanks for my sister.

On the way to return, I met station officer troubling in English with foreigner, so I became a interpriter. He said he lives in Taipei with fully furnished English voice and indication for information. It made me worried about Japanese future.

It took a lot of times for finding bus stop during that, my doughter was made wait. I also thanks for her.

Am I great in the sence that Moving and Getting earthquake in kimono? Radio for foreigner at near Tokyo , Inter FM(78.1), For English, AM is AFM(810) is good. Inter FM broadcasts various languages.

Rainy Days

October 16, 2009

I have my brand-new umbrella stolen at office:'-( OMG!!!

Accoding to my co-workers who have worked for several years, it never ever happened during the period.

Oh... please, please bring my new umbrella back! You know, the typhoon is approaching. How can I get to the office without it?!

= God:... Buy new one right now...

Yes. A good idea came to me.

What if I make magic to my umbrella?

If someone not me would hold my umbrella, it chages for "Karakasa Obake" automatically and then scare the thief. hmmm... Ya. it is just my imagination:)

Anyway, what the weather like in your area?

Take care.

Turbo Jam

August 26, 2009

It is summer! We need to wear very thin clothes, with showing where we don’t want to show it to other. I think some of you (I believe all of you), once have thought it that to buy an exercise DVD, such as The Birry’s BootCamp. Of course I’m one of you. Then I bought it already. I didn’t buy "the Birry’s", but I bought "Turbo Jam". Have you ever heard its name? I bought it because it was very popular in Canada when I was there. Also, may people have been saying that "The Birry’s" is too hard to continue.

The DVD, I bought, is programmed for people, who want to lose their weight easily and happily. Then it is true. I tried the DVD exercise two or three times already, and I thought that the exercise is very fun. Actually, my friends tried it, and then all of them said same thing. I know it is imposable to me to have a 6 pad belly, because of so many reasons. But I'm just wishing, I want to wear the clothes, I could wear before......

my PC in trouble.

August 20, 2009

I'm texiting this diary in the train on my back way home. How does it look?

My PC has been out of work this morning. It seems to have got something trouble its battery.

Mmmm.... shame! I have a lot of things to do with it! Best Podcast Hosting Audio Video Blog Hosting!

August 20, 2009

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