The diary about the earthquake.

March 15, 2011

I'm at Internet cafe. My family including cats and laggage did't get dameged. When the earthquake happend, I was in Tokyo. My sister lives near the place where I was, so I had walked to and stayed her house. Azabujuban has old high buildings with sharrow streets. What's more, I went there for the first time and I felt really horrible. I really realized how important family are! I really thanks for my sister.

On the way to return, I met station officer troubling in English with foreigner, so I became a interpriter. He said he lives in Taipei with fully furnished English voice and indication for information. It made me worried about Japanese future.

It took a lot of times for finding bus stop during that, my doughter was made wait. I also thanks for her.

Am I great in the sence that Moving and Getting earthquake in kimono? Radio for foreigner at near Tokyo , Inter FM(78.1), For English, AM is AFM(810) is good. Inter FM broadcasts various languages.